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Our Story


Our Beginnings 

 In 2001, a group of families from the Stroudsburg Seventh-day Adventist Church  launched out on a mission to expand God’s work in the Effort, Pennsylvania area.  These families met regularly in each others homes for prayer, bible study, fellowship, and the reading of the book “Experiencing God” by Henry T. Blackaby  & Claude King.  

As the group met each week, a bonding period was experienced that resulted in emotional and spiritual growth.  Towards the end of 2001, with prayer, the group unanimous voted to request from the Stroudsburg SDA Church permission to allow them to start a new church plant.   The request was granted at a business meeting held in late December 2001.  After the meeting,  the Lord inspired one of the group members, to come up with the name  “Hope Fellowship”.   Hope is an acronym meaning,  “H” elping,  “O”thers  “P”repare for  “E”ternity.     Thus, through God’s providential leading, the  “Hope Fellowship” mission group was born.  Hope Fellowship gained company status in the year 2010.  In 2017,  the Hope Fellowship Company was inaugurated as a church into the Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-day Adventist.  As a church body we are constantly praying for God to lead us to further his work in the Kunkletown area. 

Our Commitment Values

Grow Disciples: We strive to provide opportunities for our members, our children and our community to know Jesus Christ personally and become His disciples.  Matt 28:19 – 20

Unconditional Acceptance of Others: We strive to follow Jesus’ example in lovingly accepting everyone.  Philippians 2: 1- 5

Alive in Ministry:  We strive to provide ministry opportunities, tools, training, and encouragement to all members. Our goal is to develop and maximize the gifts God has given each of us for ministry.  Ephesians 4: 11 –13

Unity: We strive to move forward as one body, the body of Christ, yet recognizing and respecting individuals gifts.  Ephesians 4: 1- 6

Christian Fellowship:  We strive to provide opportunities for our members to get together to support, encourage, and uplift one another in Christ.  Acts 2:42

Prayer:  We view prayer as a two way fellowship and communications with God which prepares us to fight life’s battles.  Prayer is designed to adjust us to God more than adjust God to us. It brings us in line with God’s will.  Prayer is an encounter with God.  It permeates all we do. Philippians 4:4-7

The Word of God:  We believe that the Holy Scriptures, Old and New Testament, are the written word of God.  The scriptures are the infallible revelation of God’s will.  2 Timothy 3:16

Sabbath Rest:  We choose to honor God as our Creator and Lord by keeping the seventh day Sabbath.  His love for us draws us into a rest from the cares of this world, and into the joy of delightful communion with God and others.  Exodus 20:8 -11

Family: Our goal is to have strong families with Christ as the center where the parents model Christ in their relationship with each other and their children, thereby providing a safe and secure environment in which the children can develop their God given potential.  Philippians 3:14